Congress Must Take Control Of the Post Office This November

The President is working to undermine the Post Office. Why? Because he believes more voting will hurt his odds of holding onto power.

We know that’s the reason because in states where President Trump expects to need mail-in votes to win the state, like Florida, he gives complete confidence in the work of “great Republican governors” to make vote-by-mail secure.

But everywhere else in the country, the President is committed to scaring people (Democrats) into not voting, while simultaneously trying to get other people (Republicans) to believe that the election results will be rigged unless he wins.

If there’s anything that might actually hurt the credibility of the Post Office, it’s the President’s attempts to oversee his own election, slowing down the mail so that Democracy can’t arrive in time, and suing states like Nevada that are trying to make it easier to vote.

The solution to vote-by-mail is in Congress.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress, not the President, the power “To Establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

Congress can create a new branch of the United States Post Office that is exclusively devoted to mail-in-ballots. This branch should be led by a commission of nonpartisan or bipartisan heads, and should be protected from removal by the president. The offices one and only goal should be to send secure vote-by-mail ballots across the country in the states that allow it, and to do so in a way that is completely separate from the political process.

The House has already proposed legislation in this area, trying to add additional funds to the Post Office’s budget so that they can survive the inevitable increase in letters and packages that will come this winter. But they need to go further, creating a new office so that vote-by-mail can become a regular, independent part of our public life in this election and beyond.

By the way, the President is essentially the only major public figure who believes vote-by-mail has reliability problems, even other Republicans know that’s not true. Our real problem is having a President who is willing to undermine government agencies so that he can cling to power.

Hi there. I write about public policy, politics, the presidency, and culture.

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