The Trump-Pompeo Foreign Policy Fantasyland

Singapore Capitol, the city where NK/U.S. Summit was going to be held

One Trick Trump

Soundbites and Pipe Dreams

Lies at Home, Lies Abroad

Indispensable Loners

“I want to scrap the “indispensable nation” — that might have described us at one point in our history, but, as Charles de Gaulle said, “the graveyards are filled with indispensable men.” You cannot say that without there being a hubris component to it; and that hubris, even when you are right, alienates and tends to put distance between yourself and others. Frankly, if we really try to be exemplary, we are more likely to be indispensable than if we try to be indispensable.”

America is gaslighting the rest of the world and expecting no one to notice.

Hi there. I write about public policy, politics, the presidency, and culture.

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